2 new corona positive cases in Panchkula

Confirmation of 2 new cases in Panchkula being corona positive.

Panchkula district administration created panic in Health Department after 2 new cases of COVID 19 were revealed.

Nodal Officer Dr. Rajeev Narwal confirmed.

Number of coronated patients increased to 4 in Panchkula. Among the patients kept in the quarantine at Nada Sahib, Panchkula, the reports of patients are positive. Both COVID 19 positive patients were recruited in isolation ward. Earlier, these two patients along with other patients were kept in isolation at the Quarantine Center at Nada Sahib.

At the same time, the Health Department team engaged in the process of tracing and isolating the people and relatives who came in contact with these corona sufferers. Earlier corona was confirmed in a woman from Kharag Mogul and a female staff nurse of Panchkula.

Those who are currently being treated. #Bhaskar #panchkulaSmachar #report DON'T PANIC #STAYSAFE #BEPRECAUTIONARY

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