5 cases in Chandigarh so far, no more than 50 cases will be held, 42 quarantined in house

Chandigarh: - The Administrator reviewed the action taken to control the spread of COVID 19 in Chandigarh.

• Gathering of more than 50 persons banned

Call 112 and inform anyone in Chandigarh who has come from abroad in the last 15 days

The Governor and Administrator of Punjab, UT Chandigarh. V. P. Singh Badnore reviewed the actions taken by the administration to control the spread of COVID 19 in Chandigarh today. Later this evening, the Prime Minister reviewed the preparations with all CMs through a video conference today. Administrator, Advisor, Health Secretary, DC, CMC and DIG also attended the video conference

Shri Manoj Paridhi, Advisor, UT, Chandigarh announced that the following decisions have been taken: -

1. So far, 5 persons tested positive for COVID 19 in Chandigarh. The first case is of a young woman who was found positive yesterday. In addition, three individuals (including his mother, brother and cook) who came in contact with the patient have also been tested positive. All three newly tested patients are admitted to GMCH-32. The girl's father (1 patient) has been tested negative. The driver's sample will be taken again. Both father and driver have been released home.

2. Secondly, a new case of a woman who was previously admitted to PGI (returned from the UK) has also been tested positive.

3. Therefore, overall, FIVE cases have been tested positive in Chandigarh. Health officials have confirmed that the condition of all 5 individuals is stable. In addition, 42 people have been home-quarantized so far.

4. To prevent and control the spread of COVID 19, in the public interest, ban all social / cultural, sports, political, religious, educational and mass congregations of more than 50 people with immediate effect by 31 March 2020 has given. Earlier it was limited to 100 persons. Senior citizens and children to stay indoor- Consultant's appeal

5. All the residents of Chandigarh are advised to inform the Chandigarh administration on helpline number 112 about anyone who is currently in Chandigarh and has come from any foreign country in the last 15 days, so that the necessary preventive Measures can be taken. By administration.

6. A meeting of UT, Punjab and Haryana state officials will be convened regularly to decide on issues like food supply, operation of mandis, transportation etc.

7. As a preventive measure, an order has been made under Section 144 CRP, which mandates that house quarantine guidelines will be strictly followed. Shri Anil Garg, PCS, Additional Commissioner, MCC has been appointed as the Nodal Officer for Contract Tracing and Enforcing Home Quarantine. A postage stamp will be inscribed on the right hand (behind the palm) with the relevant date taking into account the 14-day period. The list of all the people associated with the house will be published by the IT department of Chandigarh administration on the website www.chd.gov.in. There is also an apprehension that some people will not follow home quarantine, putting public safety at risk. Any violation of this order will invite action under 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

8. Suspicious persons are first being locked up in their homes. As a precautionary measure, stickers will be pasted outside these houses to make the public aware not to visit the said premises, as it is under similar quarantine.

9. It has been clarified that, at present, there is no order to close any commercial shop. There is no intention to close essential commercial shops / items, including kimists, grocery stores, mandis etc. As will be announced by the Prime Minister Supply Chain.

10. Municipal corporation Chandigarh along with health officials will ensure complete sanitation of public places, buildings and other facilities. Commissioner, MCC informed that in this regard, seven teams have been formed and they have started cleaning public places.

11. All residents of Chandigarh are advised to take all precautions according to the instructions issued by the government from time to time. Also avoid sharing unverified information on social media.

12. The consultant also met with representatives of the chemist association. It has been decided that the rate of mask (basic level) will be fixed at Rs.10 / -. Sanitisers will be sold at MRP or below. It is further clarified that sufficient shares are available and hence people should not panic. There is an appeal to buy only 5 masks per person.

13. The CTU (local and long route) bus service will remain suspended on Sunday, March 22, 2020, based on an appeal made by the Honorable Prime Minister to Janata Kurfev.

14. Teaching staff of schools and colleges are allowed to work from home and can be in touch with school / college students by phone / online / social media till 31 March 2020. Non-teaching staff working in schools are allowed. Apply duty on rotation basis. No staff member will go to the station without prior permission and will be available on mobile phones.

15. If anyone wants information regarding Corona virus, MyGov Corona Helpdesk can be contacted on WhatsApp (Number 90131 51515), Central Helpline Number - + 91-11-239780462, Toll Number 1075 and Chandigarh Helpline Number 112 .

The consultant has also appealed to residents who have recently returned from abroad or who are exposed to positive cases and suspect symptoms / infections, that they should not come directly to the hospital. They will call the helpline number 112. Our dedicated team will go, check them in their place and, if necessary, transfer them to the hospital.

Translated from arth parkash

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