8 Cases Found Positive In Derabassi

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13 June 2020

In Jawaharpur village of Derabassi, where the Corona explosion was barely controlled. At the same time, eight more new cases of corona have come in the village Mubarakpur adjacent to Derabasi on Saturday.

This case has three family members of the person who came 2 days ago, that person came here from Delhi on 24th to celebrate Eid. Whereas there are five more members of the same area who were in contact with them.

The police has already sealed the street inside Mubarakpur village. On Saturday, other people have also sealed their streets.

List of positive patients-

1) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 4 years

2) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 47 years

3) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 8 years

4) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 7 years

5)Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 35 years

6) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 14 years

7) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age12yrs

8) Near Ashtabhuja Temple. Age 25 years

All the positive patients returning to Delhi are close contacts with Sameer Ansari.

Total Cases-157


Recover 117


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