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9 new cases of corona in Chandigarh, three patients recover and return home

Show Time\Chandigarh: Corona cases are increasing in the city. There is an influx of patients from Bapudham, the largest citadel of Corona, where 11 Corona patients were found from here on Saturday morning and patients who visit here in the evening. This number increased to 20. On Saturday evening, 9 more new patients were found from Corona after Bapudham, after which the number of corona cases in Bapudham alone crossed 100 and the corona infected so far in the city. The number went to 168.

On Saturday, three patients recovered and returned home ..

The PGI on Saturday cured and discharged three more Corona patients, where after the recovery of these three new patients, the number of those who beat Corona in the city has increased to 24.

Two deaths so far ..

Two people of the city have lost their lives due to corona. At the same time, one corona suspect has died in the hospital of Sector 32 on Saturday. Its report has not yet come, so it is called a suspect. After the report came Will be clear whether the person has died due to corona or for some other reason.

Plasma therapy trial started at Chandigarh PGI….

Chandigarh PGI is now going to start a plasma therapy trial. Two people in the city who have been corona infected and are now fine have donated their plasma. One of the first to get the plasma donate is Fiza Gupta who That the first corona patients of Chandigarh are patients and the second is Arnav Gupta, who has donated his plasma for others to recover.

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