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90 years old woman Raped I'm Delhi

The Show Time/ source Indiatimes

Crimes against women seems to be on the rise in our country of late. From rapes to molestation cases, women continue to suffer. In yet another horrifying incident, a 90-year-old woman was allegedly raped and brutally beaten, a report in TNN said. She was waiting for her milkman outside her home. At that time a stranger approached and said he would take her to the milkman. The man took her to Rewla Khanpur farm where he allegedly raped her. When the woman resisted the accused, he allegedly assaulted her. Woman pleaded the accused to spare her The woman asked the accused to spare her as she was as old as his grandmother but nothing seemed to dissuade him from performing the obscene act. Meanwhile, some of the villagers heard the woman's screams and rushed to her rescue. The villagers caught hold of the accused and called the police. The police called her son and took her to the hospital. As per the woman's medicolegal (MLC) report, she has suffered multiple injuries on her body and private parts. The accused, identified as Sonu lives in the Rewla Khanpur village of Delhi. He has been booked under relevant sections of the lPC.

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