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A Plant in honor of the soldiers of the our country

Plantation Drive on the occasion of “Kargil Vijay Divas” With 13th Battalion CRPF Soldiers “This is the part of Third Phase of Environment Fortnight” organised by Shivanand Choubey Memorial Charitable Trust, Environment Saving Society, Chandigarh & CRPF Chandigarh, July 16, 2019

Today, on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Divas & celebration of 81st Foundation Day of CRPF, Shivanand Choubey Memorial Charitable Trust and Environment Saving Society Chandigarh, along with the 13th Battalion CRPF Commandant Mr. Balihar Singh, Mr. Jaswinder Singh, along with all the officers and the soldiers, forwarded the campaign for the Environmental Fortnight. The third phase of the plantation Campaign started in the holy month of Sawan by Shivanand Choubey Memorial Charitable Trust was completed in 13th Battalion CRPF Camp with the Environment Saving Society, Chandigarh. On the occasion of Kargil Vijay Divas, around 50 plants were planted in Amaltas, Philkan, Arjun, Gulmohar, Kailetoria, Kesia Gulaka, Mango, Neem and Medicinal Plants. On this occasion, Mr. Balihar Singh, Commandant, 13th Battalion, told that the Shivanand Choubey Memorial Charitable Trust has started the Environmental Week, which is an admirable effort to strengthen the compassion that has been done by the environment. On this occasion, Chairman of the Environment Savings Society, Chandigarh, Rakesh Sharma, gave auspicious wishes and congratulations to all the soldiers of the country on Kargil Vijay Divas and to make the society better, to make their contribution to all the people. The Commandant of the battalion took the responsibility of taking care of plants planted with all the officers and jawans and appealed to the common people that every citizen should plant and take care of a plant on any of his special occasions. On this occasion, the trust's chairman Sanjay Choubey, Saroj Choubey, Chairman of Environment Savings Society Chandigarh, Rakesh Sharma, Meera Sharma, Rahul Kumar Choubey, Punjabi Film Actress & Singer Pinky Mogaveli, Jitendra Kumar Ranjan, Mahendra Choubey, Raj Pandey, all the officers of the battalion And the youngsters remained present.

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