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*A story of grit and determination, Zee Punjabi’s new show from 6th June, ‘Dheeyan Meriyan’

‘Dheeyan Meriyan’, a new serial on the block on Zee Punjabi is already garnering huge attention for its distinctive storyline. The story revolves around a mother’s journey in raising her three daughters independently. Asha, a hard-working woman is abandoned by her husband after having three daughters as she could not bear a male child. The iron lady raises her daughters with morals and integrity and helps them to be successful in their respective fields. Though the daughters and mother are thriving, still their path is filled with several roadblocks which they need to overcome. So, commencing from 6th June at 9 p.m., witness the journey of Asha’s challenges in raising her three daughters which would, in turn, reclaim the lost honor of their mother, ‘Dheeyan Meriyan’.

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