Acche Din Kab Aayege?


"Hang in there, as better times are ahead."

Steven Magee

Doesn't it sound like 'ache din aayenge'? But through the pandemic, we have witnessed that things are not proceeding at better levels but on bitter ones. The growth of our economy was already going down, and when the pandemic stuck, it has gone worse. People are yet to understand the deeper effect of Covid 19 on their professional, psychological and personal level. Mental health issues have cropped up in recent times as people literally lost money and sense of mind because of no work.

An estimate of tens of millions of people are on verge of getting under poverty line. Social gatherings were banned and lockdowns imposed in the country and because of that , depression, anxiety issues were witnessed at peak during this time. Where will this lead to us? Still a time of social and economic disruption is yet to take place because this pandemic is not leaving us easily. Though, vaccination has given some peace of mind, but still a long way to go to end Covid 19. The need of an hour is to take care of your health, not just physical but mental health as it will help you gain strength and develop a sense of rational mind to fight the times of crisis.

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