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Amid curfew, a family tries to commit suicide

Chandigarh: Due to Corona, there is a curfew in Chandigarh these days, due to which a large number of police personnel are stationed here on the roads. These policemen are keeping an eye on all the movements and conditions of the city. Meanwhile, one of these conditions of the city from Corona A serious matter has come to light.

The case is that a whole family living under the Moulijgara police station area has tried to commit suicide. The family consists of a husband and wife and a four-year-old child. The police somehow got the information and immediately Arriving on the spot saved the family from committing suicide.

Giving information in the case, Inspector-in-charge of Police Station Moulijgara said that on Saturday i.e. at around 12:00 pm, he received information that Ranjit and his wife, living in Moulijgara, along with their four-year-old child are going to suicide on the railway track On receiving this information, he reached the spot with his team and prevented them from committing suicide.

Inspector Juladan Singh, in-charge of the police station Moulijgara, said that when asked why he was going to do this, his reply was that he had trouble eating during curfew and he was barred from the food being given by the Chandigarh Police. He has to starve, besides he needs some money which he cannot arrange due to curfew. Ritment also like how he Sbkisilia was no way to go to take that step like suicide due to not appearing.

Inspector Zuldan Singh, in-charge of the police station Moulijgara said that he has been diagnosed after hearing his problems. Financial help and food have been provided to the family equally. While treating the four-year-old child, they were opened by the Chandigarh administration. Information about government hospitals and dispensaries is given.

Explain that the Chandigarh Police is helping the poor and poor people of the city with a lot of food related services during the curfew. The same Moulijgara Police is constantly distributing food items in the area.

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