Apple Create 55,000 jobs in India

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07 August 2020

Ever since COVID-19 -- the disease that originated in a small market in Wuhan, China -- wreaked havoc on the world, global players in tech have become more cautious about doing business in China.

Many countries already started asking for their facilities to be shifted back to their nation, whereas other manufacturers looked at markets like Thailand and Vietnam and India to manufacture and export goods.

We’ve been already hearing about how Apple is ramping up its production in India and has now started making iPhone 11, alongside iPhone XR. And it looks like Apple’s contract manufacturers are getting more serious about shifting their facilities from China to India.

According to a recent report by TOI, a major contract manufacturer for Apple is shifting six production lines from China to India with a target to export around $5 billion worth of iPhones in India, while simultaneously catering to the Indian market.

The sources in the matter claim that the establishment of the facility could provide employment to around 55,000 Indian workers in just a matter of a year. Moreover, the vendors aren’t simply looking to make only smartphones, but also shift to manufacturing laptops, tablets and other computers in the next few years. This could mean that iPads, MacBooks and even iMacs could get a whole lot cheaper for buyers in India as now Apple won’t have to pay hefty taxes to import the products in India.

The sources reveal that a container load of goods from Apple’s key manufacturer has already arrived in India and is soon to start manufacturing products in India. It’ll join manufacturers Wistron, Pegatron, Foxconn and Samsung to make in India under the incentive scheme lined up by the government.


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