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Are we training our women to not get raped rather than stopping the act of RAPE?

Though it must be easy for some other country to get over the topic but for our country, Rape, is a major concern and not just a topic. While the statics clearly show the decline in the cases where a brutal act of raped is involved. But, we know the list of cases that didn't even get the space in the file system of the government. To those who are still assuming that rape case has been declined, have not yet checked with locals of their areas

Today, though women have been given stages to show their talent, but still they lack the confidence and stability when it comes to facing these situations. Then of course, we have self defense training. When we have fully trained our women to not to get raped, shouldn't we approach our males to get around their head on the topic of sex? While still women feel insecure outside and inside the house there might be chance that they have met or seen some ignorant citizen who is still assuming a woman as object. And still that moment of passing a sutble signal or a try to get a subtle signal prevails. 

These occurrances are clearly visible on the streets of big towns and if we move towards the remote area of our country the real situation is more worse than anyone of us can imagine.

The remote areas are more popular where such disturbing occurances happen more frequently and which have neither files or resources to reach the media. Can education change this behavioursm among men of any age? Though it might be possible to educate them but one of the possibility which cannot be ruled out is actually allowing people to meet more often and communicate there needs of sexual intercourse. Which means using communication as a key to develop boundaries in relationship, allowing good dating and boosting healthy talk among boys and girls from an early age. Even though some might not know it, but children feel sexual tensions as well. They are the potentially limited capacity holder of creativity and talent. Restrictions can only and will cut their wings and never let them be able to reach their full potential. Though it might be a taboo and sensitive to talk upon sex but we can lift the sensitivity from sex to more concerned topic like rape. Because, one more rape can and will lead to disaster and who will be answerable then?

So, we constantly ask our women to stay put in the house, never to talk to strangers and hence we create an environment of stress for them. And, with each guy passing by the pressure on them increases, therefore creating a bad ripple of thought and negative self thinking. This depletes women to grow out of their own boxes and restrict their development. Without development of a woman neither a relationship, a home or a nation can develop. So, rather than training women from being raped, we should rather stop the situation of rape and help males to develop good mindsets.

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