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Show Time Chandigarh : If you wish to go home through your own car/taxi, for them Department of IT has made the e pass application for use of the general public. Please visit to apply for pass after 3rd May 2020. Passes have already been issued till 3rd May 2020. So there is no scope for new passes till 3rd May2020. If you have already applied for e-pass, concerned DC will take action on it and Himachal Bhawan or officers/officials posted here have no role in issuing it. If your pass is rejected, you may apply again. For any query related to your pass or other query related to your district, you may contact concerned DC DC BILASPUR 01978224155 DC CHAMBA 01899224847 DC HAMIRPUR 01972224300 DC KANGRA 01892222103 DC KINNAUR 01786222252 DC KULLU 019022222727 DC LAHAUL &SPITI 019005225501 DC MANDI 01905225201 DC SHIMLA 01772655988 DC SIRMAUR 01702225025 DC SOLAN 01792220656 DC UNA 01975225800 LIST OF STATE HELPLINE NUMBERS FOR COVID-19(OPERATIONAL 24X7) Email- CM helpline numbers 1.) 0177-2626076 2.) 0177-2626077 3.) 0177-2622204 4.) 0177-2629688 5.) 0177-2621154(fax) Other SEOC numbers 6.) 01772629439 7.) 0177-2629688 8.) 0177-2628940 9.) 0177-2629939 If you are stranded at New Delhi or adjoining areas please call concerned nodal officers posted there. For any enquiry related to food and shelter in Himachal Pradesh please call toll free number 1077* *This number is only for Himachal If you want to go by HRTC bus from HIMACHAL BHAWAN Chandigarh then wait for next plan by Govt to evacuate you. You will be informed soon about it.. It has come to our knowledge that a fake message is getting viral on social media about bus service to Himachal today (28april2020) from Himachal Bhawan Chandigarh It's to clarify that there is no bus service today from Himachal Bhawan Chandigarh to any part of Himachal Pradesh. Please don't come to Himachal Bhawan today. (28th April2020)

FOR ANY CLARIFICATION Nodal Officers Himachal Bhawan Chandigarh 01725000104 01722638285 Want to Register Your Number for Daily Updates on Whatsapp Click Here

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