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Arshad khan launches his own café

The Show Time/source India Today

Four years ago, Arshad Khan, a chaiwala I from Pakistan, went crazy viral on the internet after a photographer clicked a picture of him and shared it on social media. Cut to 2020, Arshad Khan is all over the trends list yet again as he has established his own chai café in Islamabad. Arshad Khan was spotted by professional photographer Jiah Ali in September 2016. Dressed in a blue kurta, Arshad made tea on the streets of Islamabad and Jiah took just the perfect picture of the 'blue-eyed' boy. With the picture going viral, Arshad gained immense popularity as the 'Chaiwala of Pakistan' and is pretty much renowned within the internet circuit.

Details about his café Arshad Khan launched his chai café in Islamabad lately and named it, Café Chaiwala Roof Top. Speaking to Urdu News about his café, Arshad said, "Many people asked me to name my café as Arshad Khan and told me to change the current name. But I refused because 'Chaiwala' is my identity." Café Chaiwala Roof Top is a pretty interesting place with several desi elements such as kites and paintings.

His new café is currently being loved on internet

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