Did Amrita Mistakenly Share Her Feelings With Vikrant In The Newly Launched Show Of Zee Punjabi

Updated: May 2

‘Sasse ni Sasse- Tu Khushiyan Ch Vasse’ has been gathering a lot of attention from the viewers for its unique storyline. Today the audience will get to see how Amrita unknowingly shares her feelings with her favorite chef Vikrant. Recently, we saw that Amrita had visited Vikrant’s restaurant and Vikrant also sent a dessert especially made for her. Today, Ramneek will ask Amrita to call Vikrant and tell him that the dessert was amazing. Since this was a big deal for Amrita, she blurted out that she liked Vikrant instead of saying the same for the dessert!! Was this just a nervous conversation or does destiny have other plans for both of them? Don’t forget to tune in to Zee Punjabi at 7 pm today to witness the drama on your favorite show ‘Sasse ni Sasse- Tu Khushiyan Ch Vasse’.

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