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Ban on wearing of shorts and jeans in Mata Mansa Devi temple

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Sharda Prajapati, Secretary of the Board of Worship, gave a statement and said that no one will be able to enter the temple wearing shorts or jeans. Entry of such people will be prohibited. Sharda Prajapati said that complaints from many devotees were being received, due to which this decision has been taken. The decision has been taken to ensure that religion and culture are followed.

He said that in order to fill the values ​​​​in the children, now wearing short clothes, jeans will not be allowed inside. Those who think that clothes don't matter, maybe they don't care, but other people who come to the temple, they have a lot of objection to seeing short clothes.

Secretary Sharda said that many people came with complaints that the rules should be followed in the temple. One has to cover the head in the gurudwaras, but it is wrong to allow one to enter the temple wearing short clothes. He appealed to the youth not to come wearing shorts. At the same time, the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, YS Gupta said that I am not yet aware of the whole matter.

The Shrine Board is running the Mata Mansa Devi Temple. All the rules and regulations are set by the Board, this is the personal opinion of the Board Secretary. The board has not made any law.
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