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The Show Time

Breaking glass ceilings and paving a new path, a transgender started her journey as a news anchor in Bangladesh on International Women’s Day. Tashnuva Anan Shishir debuted on air on March 8, presenting all with late afternoon news bulletin for a private news channel. Now, the joyous feat is being celebrated by people worldwide.

Going live for a Bengali channel, Boishakhi News to present their 4 pm bulletin, she said on air: “This could be revolutionary and create a new dimension in people’s thinking.” The 29-year-old was selected for the job in a recent audition, and after receiving several weeks of intensive training at the media organisation, she finally started her new role, through which she hopes to foster change how the community is perceived in the country.

Ahead of going live for Monday’s historic broadcast, Shishir said she was terrified but managed to get through her presentation with much élan and poise. However, moments after the three-minute broadcast ended, she broke into tears.

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