Bapudham spoils the situation in Chandigarh, increasing the number of corona cases in the city

Show Time/CHANDIGARH: The way the Chandigarh administration strongly tried to control the corona in the city, Bapudham turned water on it. While there was a hope of stopping the corona earlier in the city, today it is difficult to detect its speed. Happening.

It is spreading rapidly in the city. Looking at the current conditions, it is no longer possible to say how long the conditions in Chandigarh will be normal, as long as Corona will raise its terror here.

Bapudham increased the number of corona cases in the city…

The corona virus found such a refuge in Bapudham that it made its base here and piled up its patients here. However, the administration has taken all steps to stop the spread of corona here, but the arrival of corona patients from here Continuation of the corona patients coming from here is terming all the efforts of the administration as a failure. Corona cases coming from Baapudham city The corona graph is touching the highs in the state. Whereas, due to this, the fast growing corona cases in Bapudham have put the health department and the administration in deep concern and at the same time it has created fear among the citizens.

Bapudham's people are still not agreeing ... What do you want for the last time?

Bapudham is a diseased area and has been sealed. CRPF is guarded here. Chandigarh Police personnel are also stationed, but still people are roaming in the streets inside the shops of the streets. The most important thing is that Social distancing is not visible. Is it not seen by the CRPF and the Chandigarh Police how such negligence. How can the people of Bapudham be with them? The lives of men can be endangered. The forces are already very bad and they want to do so badly. At present, they are not going to improve and they do not believe, so the administration should pay strict attention to it. Crpf jawan and Chandigarh police Let's stay alert.

Apart from Bapudham, other areas are vulnerable to Corona…

Although the outbreak of Corona virus is most visible in Bapudham, it has engulfed other areas of the city as well, but the most affected is Bapudham.

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