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*Big drama!! Will Devansh step into his own death pit today?*

Till now, the audience has seen that Nayan and Devansh are at crossroads and planning to be separated. Still, Nayan wants to save Devansh’s life but Pompy has devised other deadly plans for Devansh. Devansh and Nayan are seen at a party where Pompy has created a devastating plot. Pompy is specifically asking Devansh to perform at a place where the chandelier is loose and will fall at any minute. Nayan forces Devansh to perform anywhere else in the house but not there, however, Devansh refuses adamantly and goes underneath the chandelier and invites his own doom. Will Devansh’s stubbornness prove costly for his life? Will Nayan be able to save Devansh? Watch today’s thrilling episode of ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ at 8.30 pm only on Zee Punjabi.

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