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Show Time Newspaper : According to the report of Free Press and Journalist's Facebook posts Indicate that the big media house's are in trouble. In the midst of the lockdown forced because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has unleashed devastation on the planet, asserting 115,136 lives and contaminating 1,865,015 individuals comprehensively, the media industry in India is experiencing a wild time.

Media associations Times of India, News Nation and The Quint have laid off representatives notwithstanding of Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking open and private businesses not to lay off their laborers or cut their pay rates.

In her post on Facebook, journalist Nona Walia said that she was sacked alongside the whole group of Sunday magazine. She stated

As indicated by report, News Nation Network has laid off its whole English advanced group of 15. They were not given any notice period or permitted to serve their notification period, said the sacked staff members.

Shashikant Sharma, former News Nation employee, took to LinkedIn and said

According to , The Quint is reported to have asked nearly half its staff to go on a leave without pay.

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