Big relief for Chandigarh today: no corona positive

Show Time/Chandigarh several days of relief news for Chandigarh today. There was no positive case till this evening. As well as 5 people, 4 of whom were positive, the report became negative. He has not been discharged yet. Another relief notice 4 Corona patients were discharged today.

Today, Bapudham was discharged from hospitals after the corona report of two men, one man, one male from Sector 21 and one female from Sector 49 became negative.

The first report of 4 corona patients admitted to various hospitals came negative today. These include domestic Nokrani of Sector 27, woman from Maloya, one person from Bapudham and Hallomajra. The report of the cleaning worker found dead on the Sukhna lake last day is also negative. Overall, today is a relief day for Chandigarh.

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