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Big Twist!! Did Ajooni just miss the chance to put Savreen behind bars?*

Recently, we saw how Ajooni and Zoravar were able to save themselves from Savreen’s goons. Today, in a dramatic change of events, Ajooni will come very close to putting Savreen behind bars. The viewers will be surprised to see a new conspiracy in the show, but this time, Savreen will be the target. Dilveer, the goon, has been a part of Savreen and her mother‘s nasty plots against Ajooni and Zorawar. In today’s episode, for a change, Dilveer goes against Savreen and calls Ajooni to show her the evidence that will reveal that Savreen and her mother are behind all of Ajooni’s troubles but the moment Dilveer is about to present the evidence, he will be shot in the head. What proof did Dilveer have? Will Ajooni still be able to get the evidence or the secrets have now vanished with Dilveer’s death? To know what further twists and turns awaits Ajooni, watch today’s episode of Chhoti Jathani at 7:30 PM only on Zee Punjabi.

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