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Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Ajaz Khan Arrested from Mumbai Hotel for Possession of Drugs

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan has denied claims that Navi Mumbai's Anti-Narcotics Cell discovered eight delight tablets from his ownership, and named it as a "scheme arranged by biggies, media and haters."

Image from Ajaz Khan Instagram
Ex Bigg Boss contestent Ajaz Khan was on Monday captured from Mumbai Hotel for having eight euphoria tablets.

The artist says he is getting rebuffed for talking reality. he tweeted.

The artist was captured on charges of medication ownership on Monday evening after an attack was done at an elegant inn in Belapur zone of Navi Mumbai. The police group acted after they got insinuation from their solid sources. The artist has been accused of ownership of prohibited opiates substances.

This isn't the first run through Ajaz has arrived stuck in an unfortunate situation. He was captured for purportedly sending vulgar photographs and lascivious messages to a beautician in 2016. The 36-year-elderly person had apparently moved toward the performer for putting resources into her business and was requested that by the on-screen character meet him at the Filmistan Studios to examine the subtle elements of her undertaking. Afterward, he was discharged on a safeguard of Rs 10,000 by a Mumbai court.

Ajaz has been a piece of shows like Bigg Boss 7, Comedy Nights Bachao, Box Cricket League and Comedy Nights with Kapil among numerous others.

Source India Today ( Edited )

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