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Bomb scare in Doordarshan Chandigarh; mock drill preparation

The situation became chaotic in all the different departments including Chandigarh Police when an information was received at around 10:30 am on Thursday that there is a bomb in Doordarshan Bhawan located in Sector 37. On receiving the information, Inspector Rakesh Kumar, in-charge of Police Station-39 and team, PCR, Bomb Diffuse Operation Cell, Dog Squad, Ambulance Service, Civil Defense Staff, Fire Brigade, Disaster Management and all different departments including the team of doctors from Sector 16 Hospital and the team reached the spot and got involved in their respective action. All personnel present in Doordarshan Bhawan were evacuated safely and a search operation was carried out by Bomb Diffuse Operation Cell, Dog Squad.

However, it was the mock drill that went ahead to check the preparedness and preparedness for any such situation in future. The work of taking stock of the security preparedness has been done through this mock drill. At the same time, according to officials, the mock drill was almost successful. All the departments appeared ready. Meaning, all the departments are ready to deal with any emergency and unpleasant situation. Let us tell you that the officers of all different departments were also in action. Keep in mind that there are mock drills in Chandigarh from time to time. And now that Independence Day is near, mock drills are natural in the city.

Mock drill is necessary to face the adverse and challenging situation that may happen suddenly in future. We may have to face some incident in the coming time. Which is already done mock drills for that event of steam and this whole process is called mock drilling. The advantage of this is that when there is a need to face that situation in reality, then readiness can be shown in it and in that situation its work can be done well.

Source- Arth Prakash

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