Central government will decide to start Delhi Metro- Kailash Gehlot

Delhi's Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot has clearly said that the decision of the Center to make the decision to run the Delhi Metro run after the workers started the special train for migrant workers and Special Rajdhani Express for other passengers. Will be taken with the consent of the government.

Gehlot said that during the lockdown, we saw every train running on each of our tracks and routes on the metro, so that the system would keep running. The trains which have not run will be thoroughly investigated and a certificate will be given. The central government will decide to run the Delhi Metro.

He said that thermal screening would be done at every station. The use of notes will not be encouraged. If there is a crowd at a station, the entry will be closed. The main station itself will be opened so that social distancing can be made by applying full man power.

Anuj Dayal, executive director of Delhi Metro said, "The date for when the Delhi Metro will run has not been announced, the public will be informed at the appropriate time." Signaling, electrical, rolling stock, track etc. in all metro systems will have to be examined in detail before starting service.

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