Chandigarh Welcomes Donal Bisht and Neil Bhat of COLORS’ Roop- Mard ka Naya Swaroop

With an aim to redefine the quintessential mard, COLORS’ social drama Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop revolves around the life of Roop (Shashank Vyas) who challenges the conventional ideas of masculinity in our society. Currently on the show,Roopis seen falling deeply in love with Ishika (Donal Bisht) who is an independent and modern-age girl. Unfortunately, this love turns out to be a one-way street and Roop is left totally dejected when he expresses his love to Ishika and she doesn’t reciprocate the same.Adding a twist to the story is Roop’s cousin Ranveer (Neil Bhatt), who is also in love with Ishika and has asked for her hand in marriage. Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, Roop…Mard ka naya Swaroo pairs every Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM.

Images by Mayank Chadha

Today, the cast of the show - Donal Bisht and Neil Bhatt visited the beautiful city of Chandigarh to meet and greet with their fans and talk about the show and their experience so far. Speaking about the same,

Donal Bisht said, “I am so glad to be associated with this thought provoking show; it’s been a fabulous journey so far and this character is one that I absolutely resonate with. The storyline of the show has seen many twists so far and playing Ishika has been an honour.” About her visit to Chandigarh Donal said, “I’m thrilled to have come to Chandigarh for a visit and the people have welcomed us with such warmth. I love the city and the amazing food available at the dhabas.”

Commenting on his role and visit Neil Bhatt said, “Playing Ranveer has been a great learning. It’s the first time I’m playing a negative character with so many layers of grey. I have been to Chandigarh before and the city is  wonderfully  planned and organised and that’s what I love the most about it. I am looking forward to visit The Rock Garden and will try to gorge on the authentic food that Chandigarh has to offerIn the upcoming episodes,Roop wants to speak to Ishika and clear misunderstandings. However, a new misunderstanding brews as a poster of Roop and IShika is pasted around her home that causes her family massive embarrassment. Ishika in her anger lashes out at Roop and threatens to get him arrested. Ranveer enters at this point and arrests Roop. What will happen next?

To find out more, don’t miss watching Roop….Mardkanayaswaroop , every Monday to Friday at 10:00pm, only on COLORS!

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