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Comedy, romance, and patriotism, Zee Punjabi is all set to provide an entertaining Sunday

Weekend here and Zee Punjabi is ready to bring your weekly entertainment dose with Mindo Taseeldarni and Sajjan Singh Rangroot. Spend your afternoon with a rom-com with an unusual pairing where a middle-aged man is trying to run away from marriage but fate has a comic love story planned for him. Karamjit Anmol, a shadaa spreads a rumor that he is dating an upper-class and well-educated taseeldarni, Mindo, the character played by Kavita Kaushik. However, accidentally they meet up and hilarious twists and turns play out in the scenario. So, tune in to Zee Punjabi at 1 pm today on Zee Punjabi to watch Mindo Taseeldarni and witness an unusual love story. On the other hand, an ode to all the Sikh soldiers during WWI, Sajjan Singh Rangroot explores the patriotism and the fighting spirit of Sikhs during that time. The story revolves around the Maharaja of Ratlam State, Sajjan Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who leaves his State to fight for the country as a member of the British Indian Army. So, get ready to fill your heart with pride tonight while watching the journey of Sajjan Singh Rangroot only on Zee Punjabi at 8.30 pm.

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