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Corona virus isn't a problem that can be ignored as of now, not just in a few countries; but all. Every country has suffered atleast a little economic depression this year, i.e. 2020.


Economic depression, this word rings bells? To businessmen, owners of big companies, people at high posts, etc; would define this as loss of profits that could've been really easy to grab if COVID-19 didn't spread.

Talking about profits, this is exactly why companies have to let go off of a specific number of employees, so that they don't further run in losses. Companies find this as the perfect solution because, obviously; firstly, they cannot come up with a plan to increase profits with their present employees, secondly, their own employees are soft targets and easy to tackle.

Corona virus, has brought this solution so much into use, because of the losses, mot enough innovative production, and not enough clients to serve.

It is obviously not fair to the employees , because neither the company remains with them nor the government employee welfare. It doesn't seem wrong to the doer because he himself may not have a very big list of choices.  

Lay-offs may seem senseless to a few who have been through it, but if you think clear and look closely; the company cannot shut down just to save a few employees.

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