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Conducted to out-reach students on PU’s decision to hold examinations: PUSU

PUSU’s online survey evokes huge response

A online survey organised by the Panjab University Student Union (PUSU) on the platform of Google forms evoked massive response from the students of Panjab University and its affiliated colleges. The survey was basically organised to gauge the viewpoint of student community upon the decision of the PU administration to hold semester examinations in July.

Briefing the media in a press note, PUSU Leader Hardeep Sidhu stated “We raised a questionnaire whereby we seeked the response of students on matters relating to holding of examinations in July, how much syllabus was covered when the lockdown started, how many students are to come from Red zones, availability of online study material and whether online classes did really help etc. “The magnitude of the survey’s reach has surprised us too and it will be difficult for the administration of PU to shut down the voice of students at this juncture of crisis as almost 18,000 students have submitted their response to the survey on google forms”, said another PUSU leader Gurmehak Sandhu.

Elaborating further, the press note highlighted some key facts of the survey :-

(I) 93% of students feel that they will be exposed to Covid 19 infection if they travel far from home.

(ii) 90.8% students believe their mental health is being affected by the abrupt decisions of PU administration.

(iii) 91.7% of students feel that social distancing is not possible in hostels and campus.

(iv) 87.6 % of the pupils responded that they do not have the online material to prepare for exams.

(V) 86% of them believe that university is compromising on the quality of education and focusing only on the conduct of examinations.

These figures highlight the basic issues that the student community is dealing with in these times of pandemic where India’s Covid 19 cases are set to cross 2 lakhs. It is a warning for the Vice Chancellor and PU administration to review their decision to conduct examinations and should rather keep the safety and well being of the health of students their utmost priority. It is also time for student oriented student parties to come together on one platform and condemn the administration’s unilateral decision making risking the lives of students, remarked Hardeep Sidhu.

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