Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for covid-19

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

The Portuguese football federation on Tuesday confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo, 35 years old, Juventus forward star, been tested positive for COVID-19. According to this statement given by the federation the current condition of Cristiano Ronaldo is completely fine he is experiencing no symptoms, in isolation and will remain so. Cristiano Ronaldo has been currently playing for his national team Portuguese. Last Sunday he played against France in the national league and the last week he played a friendly match against Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo being coronavirus won't be able to play the next National league fixture match foreign country, which was going to be against Sweden on Wednesday and he will also miss some of the matches for his club Juventus as league group matches are going to start very soon.

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