Danish Tattooz House offers COVID-19 tattoos to clients reminiscent of survival

Show Time | Faguni Verma

5 July 2020

Danish Tattooz House is creating different tattoos related to coronavirus epidemic as the customers are demanding to be inked for the pandemic. Customers claim that they survived COVID-19 and they want a permanent mark on their body reminding them of the survival.

Danish Ahmed of Danish Tattooz House claims that they are creating tattoos according to proper government guidelines for the utmost safety of the staff as well as the clients. "Not more than one tattoo a day", he reminds us.

The tattoos that reflect survival during the pandemic are making a new trend and in the tricity only Danish Ahmed is able to supply to the demand. The properly sanitized tattoo studio and staff takes care of the safety during the outbreak. Tattoos are a way to mark something important for a lifetime and survival tattoos of the coronavirus pandemic are a trendy way to do so and more and more people are getting attracted to the trend.

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