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Devansh Gets Locked In A Car That Is About To Explode!! Can Nayan Save Him?

|Devansh is dropping Nayan back at her home after she has successfully saved Geet from the goons. But the ride back home isn’t as easy as they thought.

Problems and accidents are not new for the favorite fan Jodi in ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’. However, now they are facing a major predicament in their lives. While continuing their journey, a terrible storm takes place and a tree falls down on their way. As Nayan moves out of the car to inspect the situation, Devansh gets locked back in the car which is just about to catch fire! Will Nayan be able to save Devansh in time? What plans does destiny have for the pair? To know if Devansh was saved from the tragedy, watch out for ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ only on Zee Punjabi today at 8:30 pm.

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