Discrimination in Press Conferences: Latest Trend in Media

The Show Time

11 Feb 2022

Recently, The Show Time attended the Zoom Press Conference of the upcoming Netflix series, The Fame Game. The press conference seemed like an exclusive affair that only catered to the demands of the so-called big brands. The reality is that all of the media houses around the country were invited to interview the cast.

The reality was a completely different story. Only big brands and media houses related to entertainment were allowed to ask the questions which looked like completely fake and scripted. As maybe the cast was not interested to be asked some real questions and wanted to answer only cliche questions.

The so called small media houses had way much better questions that were real. But, they were not provided the opportunity to be presented even when they were asked to write their queries in the chat section and those questions would be forwarded to the cast, however, this was not the case.

Such press conferences should let the small media to ask the questions directly to the cast in such scenarios as the big brands would be able to arrange personal interviews with anyone of the cast and crew anytime but they should not steal the opportunity out of other media houses and have respect for everyone around them.

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