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Donald Trump and first Lady tested positive for Coronavirus : USA

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US president Donald Trump and his wife the first lady Melania Trump are tested positive for Coronavirus and now they both are currently in quarantine. Earlier president's adviser Hope Hicks 31 years old was tested positive for Coronavirus. He is the closest aide to the president himself. He tweeted. "Hope Hicks, had been working so hard without even taking small breaks, has just tested positive for COVID-19 terrible ! The first lady recently traveled together with Mr. Hicks on Air Force One to a Television debate in Ohio this week. Donald Trump is 74 years old making him in the high risk group for the Coronavirus and the first Lady 50 years old. "We will get through this togather,"He tweeted.

Donald Trump being positive effects the second presidential debate with former vice president Joe Biden, going to be held on 15th of October in Miami Florida. Donald Trump's physician Sean Conley said that the president and the first lady are both well this time and both plan to remain quarantine within the White House. He will be carrying out his work through his room.

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