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Donald Trump to be removed from home alone 2 cameo

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Home Alone 2 is a Christmas classic but, after recent political events, there have been calls to remove Donald Trump’s cameo appearance; Macaulay Culkin has now responded to the fans of the film.

Last week President Trump incited rioters to storm the Capitol, leading to violent clashes with authorities and five deaths. Since then, the actions of Trump and the rioters have been condemned across the globe

As a result, the president has been impeached again, and some film fans have been asking for his removal from Home Alone 2. The tongue-in-cheek movement took off when Twitter users used their editing skills to remove Trump from his scene in the movie.

Macaulay Culkin, who is best known for playing the part of Kevin in the Home Alone films, has taken to Twitter to respond to a series of edits that remove Trump from the film. The actor has expressed his support on Twitter for the edits as well as suggestions for a recast, and it appears that Culkin wouldn’t mind seeing Trump digitally removed from the beloved classic.

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