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Dr.Vibha got the title after socialisation and ramp walk

Chandigarh. 25 August

Fashion shows are often limited to ramp modeling and photoshoots. But a community in Chandigarh did more than this. It took several campaigns to get the transgender community their rights. After this, there were campaigns related to women's health and cleanliness. It was included in our agenda which made me aware of the society. I am a doctor by profession myself. But the truth of society is seen on the streets. In such a situation, it was a different experience for me to see a different world, Dr. Vibha Ojas speaks in her words on her title DDM Mrs. India Legacy-2019. She received this title late Thursday night. This title was organized in Gurugram. In which participants from 20 states across the country participated. Dr. Vibha will now participate internationally at the United Nation's headquarters in Jamaica.

Dr. Vibha said that she is currently practicing medicine. She started participating in Pageant from last year itself. "Actually my friends inspired me to come into it. They sent my photo to the online beauty pageant. Last year itself, I received the title of Mrs. Northern Process. During that time a different faith arose in me. I am glad that my family members also supported me. My father in law supported me in the case. He went with me and became my strength. I have an eight-year-old son and the whole family supported me during this time. I am proud of what I have acheived."

Dr. Vibha was joined by her father-in-law Indrajit Bawa. He said, " I am proud that our daughter-in-law got this title. We are living today in a time where everyone should be given equal rights. I never put a restriction in the family that daughters should not move forward. We should give our daughters a chance by rising above the boundary wall. She can illuminate her name at any stage. Just needs to show confidence in them. I am glad that I went with my daughter-in-law to encourage her. She showed her talent beautifully."

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