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Due to Corona, Deepak Sehgal gave the tricks to stay fit even while sitting at home

Due to Corona, Deepak Sehgal gave the tricks to stay fit even while sitting at home

Deepak Sehgal, the director of the Figure and Physics Gym of Panchkula Sector 16 and a very good social worker, told the tricks of staying fit in the house due to an epidemic like corona. Deepak Sehgal said that he has been running the gym for the last 14 years. They have been involved in this profession for more than 23 years. He started body building, weight lifting from 9th standard and has been training people for about 16 -17 years.

As we all know that due to this epidemic, everywhere has been locked down, due to which all the gyms, fitness centers, dance centers, have been closed and cannot go out for jogging and jogging so that those who exercise regularly Panchkula's fitness trainer Deepak Sehgal told that you can stay healthy even by staying in your house, for which you can do the following exercise Sector to can keep themselves fit | For which, keep your diet under control.

Do not consume fried and sweet foods, use more fruits and green vegetables, take more and more beverages in which you can take guna water, detox, juice, coconut water. Exercise according to your ability and warm up for 10 minutes before starting is very important. You can keep yourself healthy by doing exercises like home workouts like pushups, pullups, suktas, lungis walk, seed rounds, stepping, jumping, jumping rope, and situps, leg races, etc.

Deepak Sehgal has also received many prizes at Tricity. The special thing is that Deepak Sehgal himself trains in his gym. Sehgal said that the lowest charges are taken at his gym in Panchkula. From time to time, many types of competitions are also held here. Due to the 21-day lockdown, he is giving online diet charts and training to all his customers, apart from this, if any person wants to take any kind of online training or diet chart, then he has also given his phone numbers on social media.

But contact them. Deepak Sehgal is also a very good social worker. He keeps donating blood from time to time and has organized many blood donation camps, along with members of his gym, distributes items of need by visiting Old Age Home, Orphan Ashram etc. Many festivals are also celebrated. He has appealed to everyone to take care of himself and his family, who remain in the house, which do not go out of their homes as per government rules. Finally, he has wholeheartedly thanked all the doctors, media personnel, police, and the government who are engaged in service day and night to save the country from this epidemic.

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