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eBay to take action against ps5 pledge scammers on its website

The Show Time

In the race to get hands-on ps5 scammers have been taking advantages of buyers now eBay has pledged to take actions due to the hectic nature of the PlayStation 5 online launch and the subsequent frenzied re stocks when you have turned to private sellers to try and get one off the next generation consoles.

while there are a small number of sensible reseller some even selling for the same price as retail because the managed to pick up two or three there are two bad group staple and scammer just to clear up the difference staples are reseller which is item at retail price and sell them for a profit

Sometimes it's for the amount in the ballpark of 100 to 200 pounds extra while other read for thousands more scammers are those simply trying to mislead people if you have a look for the ps5 on eBay you will find numerous solutions often with extra ordinary high prices at the moment one is on offer for 15000 pounds a markup of around 3300%.

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