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The Show Time

Elon Musk, the SpaceX chief executive, has tested positive twice, and negative twice for the coronavirus after taking four rapid virus tests, he revealed in a disgruntled tweet early Friday morning. The announcement came just days before his company's much-anticipated launch of a Crew Dragon capsule that will carry four astronauts to the International Space Station.

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk questioned the accuracy of COVID - 19 tests on Thursday after claiming that results showed he tested positive twice and then negative twice aIl on the same day.

*Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, s ame nurs e. Rapid antigen test from BD." Musk said in a tweet. possibly referring to Becton Dickinson and Co's rapid antigen test.

Musk, who took rapid antigen tests on Thursday. said he was also a waiting results from polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests from different labs

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