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Today the whole world is eying towards India, as we are expanding ourselves in every part of the world economy.

Be it Service Industry IT Outsourcing Industry. Manufacturing Construction Industry. the export of Made in India weapons. Industry. ISRO providing help to the developing nations for their space projects Growth of Al/Machine Learning start-ups Education and everything A report of the Standard Chartered Bank (headquartered in London) says that India will be the Second Largest economy on the Globe after China as per GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) by 2030, We'll have the GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) of $46.3 Trillion and we'll be the strongest emerging economy in the world by 2030 followed by China with a GDP (PPP) of $64.2 Trillion Although the Nominal GDP as per this report will be ranked 3rd with the GDP (Nominal value of $8.4 Trillion still India will rank itself good with a huge amount of room to grow after that Today. we are selling weapons to the smaller nations but we are developing our technologies very fast and this would not be strange if the developed countries will start buying weapons from India and the world becomes dependent on India for their economic space missions by 2030 A lot of start-ups are coming up every day in India focussed on Blockchain Technology. Machine Learning, Aland lot more, who knows if we get the next tech giant like Facebook or Google from India by 2030 The new education policy if implemented well will give great outcomes with reference to research and entrepreneurship We're all hopeful for the success of our country because we can win only if our nation celebrates its victory in this world

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