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Family harassed and beaten in Zirakpur's Silver City : Raise Your Voice

Show Time | Zirakpur

24 July 2020

Meenakshi Gill, resident of Silver City, Zirakpur raised her voice that she was beaten brutally in a spat with another resident where Ramandeep Singh Randhawa allegedly beat up the lady in question on Friday night. Meenakshi Gill got multiple bruises and hand muscle torn because of the incident.

The residents have been repeatedly complaining about the harassment of Ramandeep Singh Randhawa to the society management and even the police headquarters, Zirakpur but no FIR or complaint has been filed till 21st July .

Aishwarya Gill, daughter of the victim claims, "We have been suffering from past 2-3 years and this man and his wife allegedly stalk my mother, and whenever they get the opportunity beat her."

When asked why the incident took place, "My mother and I live alone and we regularly feed the stray dogs and take dogs on the walk. That man has a problem with the feeding of dogs and threatens us to be killed by him. This is a recurring problem and I have called police and women cell many times, but not a convenient response we have received till now."

Aishwarya Gill said "Ramandeep Singh Randhawa harassing other women of the society as well. He has not been taken into questioning by the authorities and continuously threaten the residents. No FIR has been filed till now (21 july ) with the Zirakpur police and no action has been taken till now against the resident in question even after continuous complaints by the mother-daughter duo.


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