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The Show Time

The communities of Afghans and Hindus are facing extinction is the fear of Islamic State rise. Because of the local threats imposed, many are choosing to flee the country and leave their birthplace behind. The community that comprised of almost 2,50,000 members is now left with lesser than 700 members. The community's numbers have been declining for years because of deep-rooted discrimination in the majority Muslim country. But, without what they say is adequate protection from the government, the attacks by the Islamic State group may complete the exodus.Although Sikhism and Hinduism are two distinct religions with their own holy books and temples, in Afghanistan the communities are interwoven, having been driven into a kinship by their tiny size, and they both gather under one roof or a single temple to worship, each following their own faith. Several Canadian legislators have asked the country's immigration ministry for a special program for Afghan Sikh and Hindu refugees, requesting that they be brought to safety in Canada amid the increasing security threat.

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