Fireball, meteorite that smashed in 2018 contains organic Components to shed light on origin of life

The Show Time/source Daily Mail

A meteorite that stunned the world when it blazed through the sky and plummeted into a frozen lake in Michigan on January 16, 2018 contains some of the key ingredients for the creation of life, scientists have discovered.

The six-foot wide rock fragmented and illuminated the sky while travelling at 30,000mph, with footage of the event going viral around the world. Fragments were rapidly tracked down and handed over to scientists who now know it contains some of the key ingredients for the creation of life. So-called 'organic compounds' were found and these carbon-containing molecules are the backbone of amino acids, fats, DNA and other biological materials.

While scientists know that carbon-based compounds were instrumental in the development of life on Earth, their origins remain a mystery. Some theories say they were belched out from deep inside the Earth, while others contest they likely landed on our planet from another world via meteorites. The rock is not thought to contain life itself, but materials which - given the right conditions - could create life.

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