First Human Milk Bank established in Chandigarh on Mother's Day

The Show Time

Chandigarh May 7

The first Manav Milk Bank in Chandigarh has been established on Mother's Day with a panel discussion at IMA Sector 35. Dr. Ramnik Sharma, President, IMA Chandigarh, Dr. RS Bedi, Dr. Vikram Bedi, the city's leading child specialist, participated in the panel discussion.

Dr Vikram Bedi, in-charge of Neo Natal ICU at Bedi Hospital said that many times mother's milk plays a big role in saving preterm babies and it can prove to be life saving hence its importance as a life saver. can be considered as We have 111 NIKOO beds, so milk bank facility will prove to be a boon for the new born babies of the entire North region. *In Chandigarh, this facility will be given free of cost to those newborn babies who are deprived of breast milk in the initial weeks.*

Ramnik Bedi, former President of IMA and President of Chandigarh Nursing Home Society, said that human milk bank will prove to be a boon for the newborn. While addressing the journalists, he said that mothers can donate their milk here, so that milk can be made available to the newborn on time. Dr. GK Bedi, a well-known gynecologist from the city of Chandigarh, President of the Indian Reproductive Society, said that mother's milk is like nectar for a newborn. Some mothers are unable to feed their baby in the initial weeks. In such a situation, the development of children can be affected. Human milk bank is no less than a boon for these children.

Working mother Niharika, who was present at the function, said that while going back to the job, I felt very guilty at the thought of giving artificial milk. This milk bank is going to prove to be a big boon for a large population of working mothers of the tricity.

Motivated mothers to donate milk

Dr. Vikram Bedi also talked about running a campaign by the health facility officer with the aim of motivating future mothers to donate milk. Further Dr. Bedi says that at present we have storage capacity up to 200 liters. At the same time, using scientific procedures, we can store mother's milk in powder form and keep it safe for 6 months. , Let us tell you that the 'Manav Milk Bank' present in Chandigarh is the 53rd management center of the country. At the same time, the country's first human milk bank was established in the hospital in Mumbai in 1989.

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