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First Transgender documentary to be released featuring PU's Mx Dhananjay Chauhan

To change mindsets and encourage transgenders to be progressive, Chandigarh based Director Ojaswwee Sharma have produced and directed "ADMITTED", a biographic Documentary of 45-year-old Dhananjay, a social activist who enrolled himself for a master’s degree in human rights and duties at Panjab University last to last session.

"This docudrama is close to my heart as this testing journey unfolded right in my home town. Everyone chants about an all-inclusive society but do we give even a fraction of choices and rights we enjoy to the third gender? Being ‘different’ is a handicap in itself. ‘Admitted’ explores the journey of a ‘different wonder woman’ who rose above stigma, self loathing and self denial aiming at the life of dignity for herself and also hundred thousands more who just because of their orientation are denied a respectful living. Panjab University is the first in the country to recognize and ‘admit’ third gender in their own right to give them the right to education that alone can solve a significant volume of challenges faced by the transgenders. At 2 hours 06 minutes, its one riveting tale of courage, determination and the will to become what you want to be!", said Ojaswee.Dhananjay is first transgender student at PU since the varsity changed its admission form to admit the ‘third gender’ in 2015.

Dhananjay, who already holds a master’s degree in social work, graduated from Government College, Sector 46, in the 1990s under the male category.

“Even now most of our citizen and even transgender remain secluded, even common people were not even aware of the term transgender. Transgender's could not walk  out in the open and talk about their identity,” says Ojaswee.Admitted is a biographical docudrama on the controversial life of Dhananjay Chauhan - the first transgender student of Panjab University – her life journey with thrust on education along with gender identification, dilemmas and expression in personal life.

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