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Five Eyes in trouble over China.

The Show Time/ Vee D Ess

Five Eyes is an intelligence sharing alliance between five English speaking nations, it's was formed during the cold war to share classified information amoung the five nations gathered from each country's intelligence and monitoring the movements of the Soviet Union. It is often said as the most successful intelligence sharing alliance. The five Eyes of the alliance are USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But after many years of alliance for the first time it can be said that the Five Eyes alliance could be in trouble due to disagreement amoung countries over China. Amoung the Five countries from the alliance four of the members have condemned China's treatment of its Uyghar population and also China's millitary takeover the South China sea. The thing that concerns the four members of the alliance is China vowing to take over Taiwan by the year 2049 and Such suppression of democracy in Hongkong is jointly and seriously concerned by the four Nations except New Zealand. It came on as a shock. New Zealand a country that claims to value all human life and rights opting out of confronting China. New Zealand's foreign minister said that it felt uncomfortable and wrong to extend the role and function of the alliance to out pressure on china also the country's prime minister said they have there on bilateral relation with China and would like to maintain them with Beijing. China is New Zealand's largest export market: New Zealand depends on China for close to 30% of its exports, mostly dairy products. So does Australia, but the two Antipodean neighbours clearly view China's policies in a very different light. The trade war between Australia and China has also worsen but New Zealand, Australia's wine exports to China have reportedly dropped by 96% from the first quarter of 2020 compared to the first quarter of this year, from A$325m (£181m) to just A$12m (£6.6m). New Zealand, on the other hand, has been rewarded by Beijing with ever-closer trade relations. In November the Five Eyes alliance criticise China over its democracy suppressing new laws in Hong Kong, a former British colony. Towards the Chinese government spokesman give a statement moking the five eyes alliance by saying "Those who dared to harm China's sovereignty would find own eyes poked out". And now after few months New Zealand's departure from the party front lines has raised questions in the alliance in trouble.

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