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Flash Flood hits France and Italy

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

Heavy rainfall caused flash floods in south-eastern France and north-western parts of Italy. The nature disaster event is named Storm Alex. Storm Alex destroyed many houses and ripped apart roads on the mountain border regions. Coastal areas of France were devastated and are full of storm debris. The affected areas of France saw a year's rainfall in less than 12 hours. After France the storm moved towards North Italy and record breaking rain was also seen. France villages along the border on the mountain range suffered from landslides and many houses and cars were left buried in the mud. France declared it natural disaster zone meanwhile Italy describe the event as historic. Around 10,000 houses were destroyed both sides, count of dead is increasing as the search and rescue continues more than 500 people have been rescued hundreds of people are still stuck in the zone and are in need of quick evacuation. England is also on red alert on the storm.

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