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The Show Time/source Indianexpress

The e-commerce giant deleted the controversial reply to a comment, but by then many had taken screenshots that were widely shared on social media and prompted outrage.

A faux pas by an employee handling e-retail website Flipkart's social media handle sparked outrage after a customer in Nagaland was told that a service couldn't be provided since the location was "outside India".As the e-commerce company advertised its Big Billion sale, one customer from Kohima asked on Facebook Why the website was no longer delivering items in the state. "We still didn't get independence and we are still a part of India. Treat all states equally areeh!" the user said in a comment.In its reply, the Flipkart handle replied regretting the non-delivery of orders. "Sorry to hear that. We appreciate your interest in shopping with us. However, sellers do not provide our services outside India," the reply said. The e-commerce giant later deleted the reply, but by then many had taken screenshots that were widely shared on social media. Many said this sort of discrimination and lack of awareness wasn't new or surprising. The incident also caused many to share jokes. "Imagine a reputed e-commerce company like Flipkart supposed to be run by some of the brightest minds of the country and abroad displaying such heights of ignorance," one user pointed out.Noted Naga musician Alobo Naga jokes, "Thank you flipkart for predicting our future & giving us freedom too soon.... Nagaland is a new country now according to them." Commenting on the photo, Nagaland's Director General of Police for Borders Affairs Rupin Sharma wrote: "Although not with Flipkart, Even I had this experience once. Nagaland is India #Flipkart."He later "politely" invited all to come and witness Nagaland's famous Hornbill Festival. He also said the original response was "shameful"."It's annoying and insulting for sure. Can you imagine the same kind of statement coming in reply to a Bihari person saying Bihar is not in India?" he said. "We are extremely sorry about the inadvertent error earlier. We strive to ensure serviceability across the nation, including regions in Nagaland. We are happy to connect with you and provide currently available options." Flipkart posted.

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