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Food & Beverage prices be slashed down in PVR, says city people

If you are going for a movie and choose to opt for PVR Cinemas, then you know that you are in for an expensive picnic where there's a variety of over priced products at your service. PVR Cinemas are known for their exceptional quality products and one of the biggest brand providing distribution to all of the Bollywood and Hollywood films released in India with their hundreds of theatres. 

However, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh governments have taken up steps to allow outside food inside the theatres, but still the whole of the country is yet to follow the suite. The Consumer Forum in Andhra Pradesh also fined three beverage companies for overpricing their products. Bombay HC also asked state government to allow patrons to carry own water, food inside multiplexes and malls. 

The popcorn prices start from Rs. 180 and reach the roof by Rs. 380, whereas one regular Pepsi costs Rs. 200 and a large one costs Rs. 220 which combined is even more than the cost of a film ticket in a tricity PVR Cinema. People always complain to the Cinema authorities about the overpriced products but they deny their role, like the manager of a certain Chandigarh's PVR Cinemas who refused to be named, said, "The prices are standard and set by the PVR Cinemas all over the country. We cannot change them according to ourselves. It's standard and unchangable unless the head decides." 

Certain movie-goers and local who who's also have protestes in their own way for the food and beverage prices being overprices and the inability to get outside food inside the theatre. One such movie lover, Sahil Goel from Panchkula speaks, "I love to watch films but the problem with it is the prices of tickets, even if they are affordable, for a span of 2-3 hours, I have to stay hungry for most of the times as I cannot always afford food and beverage worth Rs 500. Why would I even buy popcorn which are worth Rs 10 outside but for Rs. 200 inside the Cinema?" 

Rannvijay Singha, a renowned celebrity from Chandigarh, spoke, "I don't know about the authorities, they must be having some certain criteria but, I do believe that the rates should be slashed down which can bring the cinema experience a whole lot of more attention." 

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