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Fortnightly Horoscope 6th to 19th December, 2020

The Show Time/Karan Munjal

Bookings available for *Private Tarot session* *Tarot at Parties or events* *Learning Tarot Cards* Call or WhatsApp on *9501011532* *Aries* ♈: You may feel undecided about certain issues. So, you may need to take a step out of the situation to act in a better way. A few of you may have some secrets to be revealed. Also, some of you may spend a harmonious relationship at home or may meet some old friend. You may have some dissatisfaction about how certain things pan out. Suggestions: Maintain your self-respect without being egoistic. Moreover, Avoid keeping over-expectations from anything. *Taurus* ♉️: During this time you may meet people with whom you connect. Your efforts will give you good results. Certain situations may get a closure. At times, some you may get a feeling that you are not getting the desired support from people around you. Suggestions: You may need to take a break to think and do things more clearly. Also, Travelling may be good for you. *Gemini* ♊: You may be able to give some shape to things that you may have planned. Also, you may have some new ideas or may have something new coming up. A good time for those who have a partner. Being soft and gentle may work in your favour. Some of you may get to meet an old friend or you may spend quality time with family. Suggestions: If you are planning on starting something or are trying to end something, you may go ahead. *Cancer* ♋: You may see some improvements, but may also see delays around them. Some of you may receive some news or letter or information. Also, there may be some arguments during this time. You may spend some comforting time with family or someone close. Suggestions: Be as communicative as possible. Also, try and maintain a domineering position. *Leo* ♌: The fortnight will bring mixed experiences for you. You may have some bright happenings and prospects. Also, you need to be careful to not become greedy. Some of you may receive some positive news. Dissatisfaction may arise in certain situations. Suggestions: Journeys will be good for you. Moreover, you may think about any new or creative things that you may have in your mind. *Virgo* ♍: You may have tiring times where you may have to let go certain emotions. Also, you may see some improvements in certain situations. Some new beginnings or closure of old ones may be in the store. Suggestions: Try and celebrate little successes and focus more on the bright happenings. Beaides, be prepared, as some things may not turn out as you may have thought. *Libra* ♎: This fortnight you may find comfort with your family. Some situations may not turn out as you may have thought or planned. At times, you may feel overburdened. Suggestions: Try and socialise with people. Also, try and spend quality time with your partner and keep him/her happy. *Scorpio* ♏: A good week for your finances. You may receive some good or positive news. Also, you may get a chance to celebrate. Suggestions: Try and be more communicative. Maintain your self esteem without letting it turn into ego. *Sagittarius* ♐: You may be confused and undecided in certain situations. Some of you may have some journey to make. There may be some improvements underway, but they may take time. You may get to enjoy material comfort. Suggestions: Try and end things that are going out of hand. *Capricorn* ♑: Things may not meet your satisfaction levels. Some troubles, may be there, but you will able to overcome them. You may need to balance out and reassess the situation at hand. Suggestions: Being gentle and emotional will be good for you. At times, you may need more confidence. *Aquarius* ♒: You'll enjoy the fruits of your labour. Also, you may enjoy a comforting time with your family. Some of you may get a chance to celebrate or have bright happenings. At times, you may require inner strength to confront yourself or other people. Suggestions: You will need mental resilience and may need to be domineering, when the situation demands. *Pisces* ♓: Some unexpected problems may be there for which you may not be prepared. You may have to draw a balance between certain things or situations. At times, you may need strength to do certain tasks. Also, You may experience happy times and may have bright prospects. Suggestions: Try and be more communicative. Besides, meet people with whom you are comfortable sharing things. Also, try and maintain a balance between the things you are involved in.

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