Geet’s Life In Danger? Will Malhar Be Able To Save Her Again?

Geet has been able to survive many life attempts in the show but this time it is going to be a very close call between life and death for her. In the current storyline, Geet goes to Simone’s birthday party where she is embarrassed by her. Geet doesn’t hold back and retaliates by answering back to her insults in English. Today, the audience will witness a life-threatening situation towards Geet. While attending the birthday party, the chandelier in the hall starts to dangle and will begin to fall upon Geet. Malhar watches this and runs towards his lady love and tries to save her. Will Malhar save Geet’s life again? Or it will be the end of the road for the couple? Watch today on Zee Punjabi at 8 PM, the drama-packed episode of ‘Geet Dholi’ to find out if your favourite character will survive this life attempt.

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